Monday, April 11, 2005

Questionable Look

OK - so I'm up early because I have a meeting at work with the negotiations lawyer. I'm dressed and back in front of the bathroom mirror putting on my makeup. My lovely roommate pads by in her bathrobe and oversized fuzzy kitty slippers.

RM: Aren't you going to work today?

Me: (are you insane?! why else would I be up this early?!?!?!) Umm, yeah?

RM: Well I was just wondering. Usually you wear something pretty.

Me: (glance up startled and look at her via the mirror)

RM: I mean, not that that's not pretty...... (mumbles and moves away)

OK - I'm wearing a brushed silk outfit of navy pants and a coordinating navy and lavender top. I even wore the right underwear to avoid the panty lines! I may not look damn good but I look fine (I even checked with two co-workers this morning just to be sure)!

Not quite sure what fashion standard she compared my outfit to but a weird way to start the day.


joat said...

you sure she was awake - thing2 has a habit of wandering through the livingroom and not even know she's downstairs.

Anonymous said...

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