Friday, April 29, 2005

Little Lost Girl - Update

I saw the mother and the little girl bringing in laundry and wandered over to the apartment. I introduced myself and they said thank you again. Turns out they (mom and dad-the young guy I saw) have young twins - maybe 12 months old. The whole family was asleep. The little girl woke up and just decided to go outside. The dad said they lock the door now.

Of course, I always lock the door... but now I'm sure they always will! So it sounds like one of those innocent things that just happen when you have kids!


Knottyboy said...

I'm so glad I'm not a parent. I would probably put them in leg irons and them have a GPS on them at all times and possibly set up a machine gun spire on my home to make sure that no one messed with my little munkies. But that ain't gonna happen unless there is a little miracle. Actually that would be a rather big miracle and would hurt like a bastard!:)

Klondike Kate said...

You as a parent would be even more hysterical (if possible) than you as you! Any kid would be lucky to have you.

Anonymous said...

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