Thursday, September 29, 2005


Last week I rode the bus in to work. I stayed later to finish up some projects including a job offer letter for an internal promotion.

I was out the door when the receptionist yelled after me that the boss wanted to see me. Some quick thinking about consequences (the next bus would not be for two hours vs. not taking the bosses call) brought me to the phone.

He said I had misspelled the employees name and could I change it please. Normally, no problem. But in my I'm-going-to-miss-the-bus panic, I blurted out something to the effect of can you change the a to an e with a pen - I rode the bus today - I'm going to miss it. He paused, said ok and I dashed out the door. Not my finest example of quick thinking.

I was so embaressed. I can't believe I was in such a position. The bus?!?!?! I am not riding the bus again. I never want to be in a position of telling my boss I can't do something because I have to catch a bus.

Word Play

My business name is Solutions.

I was ushered in to a client's office and he was grinning from ear to ear. I asked what was so funny.

I had just been announced as Klondike Kate from Delusions.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


Everybody should have gotten a chance to meet Melissa. We should have had the chance to be with her longer.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My roommate's cat Smokey. He was sitting like this when I got home from grocery shopping... Posted by Picasa

Puppy Service

I think Seby has become the official Poop Patrol voice.

Seby has a very distinctive and clear method for letting me know he needs to go outside. He will first stand at the door and stare at me. If I don't notice him he will issue a soft woof followed by a tight circle, pivoting on his haunches. If I still don't listen, he will continue to woof softly, followed by a slightly louder growl. Once I look at him he will proceed to show off his BBall skills and jump on the door - reaching the height of the door handle.

So it's pretty clear when Seby needs out. My other dog, Glory, and my roommate's dog Tippy, are much less vocal. They'll wait all day. But as soon as I ask "do you want to go outside?", they're both right at the door, tails wagging.

So when I'm home, I tend to get focused and don't let the dogs out every five minutes as my roommate is wont to do. During the last week, there have been at least two occasions when Seby barked to go outside, I let all three out, and he proceeds to just stand in the sun and sniff the air. The other two will take care of their apparently urgent business while Seby gets a tan.

I'm not exactly sure how dog communication works, but I think Tippy and Glory each promised Seby extra cookies if he would speak up and get that two-legged person to open the door.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Roommate Pros and Cons

One the plus side -
- she pays her rent on-time
- she does all the dishes, takes out the garbage and vacuums (never asked; just her style)
- she likes my dogs and treats them well
- she empties out the doggie poop container on the patio
- she is sweet-hearted
- I can't afford not to have responsible roommate...
- she provides great fodder for my blog

On the negative side -
- EVERYTHING she does annoys me
- her cat scratches MY belongings
- she craps more than any person I know and doesn't use the fan
- she starts conversations while she's still in the hall so she is constantly interrupting my TV watching, computer time or book reading and doesn't seem to "get" how rude that is
- she always wants to know my schedule and is constantly telling me hers - some of that is reasonable but not to this extent
- already posted about the copying me thing
- she loves to gossip and tell me things about her niece, daughter, clients that I just don't care about
- she complains about her age a lot
- she's accused me of stealing her stuff but when I told her I couldn't believe she would stay in a place where she thought the landlord was dishonest, she got flustered and said she didn't want to move and almost started crying
- she's always saying stupid, pithy expressions like "time to head back to the barn" which she decided to take time to tell me meant returning home though she was in the kitchen at the time she said it so what she was really saying is that she was going to her room.

So - what would you do? Put up with the petty annoyances to keep the responsible roommate who's basically volunteered to be the maid. Or place an ad and gamble the next one will be both responsible and non-annoying? Such a dilemma....

Thursday, September 15, 2005

The Roommate

OK - this probably doesn't sound like a big deal. But boy! did this annoy me!

I came home Tuesday and noticed a new plastic shower curtain hanging in the shower. I, obviously, had not put it there. Roommate did.

Now it seems like I should regard this as a sweet thing, a kind gesture on her part. But I don't. For one, it's a $.99, snow white flimsy piece of crap. I want my shower liner to match the curtain so I buy ecru/off-white. And the stupid liner should not be sooo lightweight as to blow in the breeze of hot shower steam. Two, she was being sneaky and didn't discuss changing something in my house with me. Three, she got rid of something belonging to me without even a note. (but since I'm such a thief, I guess turn-around's fair play. Bah!)

I confronted her last night. I was nice but asked why, where's mine, talk to me next time, etc. She was uncomfortable and talked fast. She thought the old liner was getting too crudy on the bottom. I don't remember it being like that but then I don't study the liner that often. Even if it did need to be replaced she should have asked me. My house, my responsibility.


On bus riding

You know who rides buses? Kids!

OK - for those of you who grew up in cities with bus systems, this is not a huge revelation. But I've always lived in communities without bus systems at all or with a limited bus system. So kids + school transportation = big yellow school bus with hard green bench seats.

So it was an interesting revelation to realize that the times I ride the bus from big city to small town correspond with school hours and thus Kids on Bus.

Riding the bus in definately cheaper since the Zone 1 fees don't seem to be enforced. Rides (with the 10 ride tickets) are .40 each. The web says it's supposed to be a ticket + .50 and just a single fare is $1.50. But they don't seem to make us pay. So basically, I'm riding for .80 a day - which is a whole lot cheaper than gas for a 55 miles round trip.

Slower - buses are definately slower but I get to listen to my books on CD, doze a bit, chill out. I can make the time work for me.

A couple things I was right about: smelly people and well, that's about it. I did have a gentleman sit across from me that talked to the invisible person next to him but not scary/dangerous.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

In Memory

Pentagon, Washington, DC; United Airlines, Flight 93; World Trade Center, New York...

Never forgotten...

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People who ride buses are poor.

People who ride buses are blue collar workers.

People who ride buses have low IQ's.

People who ride buses are dangerous.

People who ride buses smell.

A few reasons I have always avoided riding the bus system. It's completely prejudicial and entirely unfair for me to have these sort of thoughts.

And now I'm going to get the opportunity to overcome this little prejudice of mine. Yes people, I'm going to become a bus rider.

In deference to rising gas prices, tightening of the household budget belt, and my high-minded desire to contribute to Lowering America's Dependence on Foreign Oil, I am now going to take the bus to work 4 times per week (Wednesday's work schedule doesn't correspond with the bus schedule).

Except for tomorrow - 'cause I have an appointment at an off-bus-schedule time. So Tuesday. I'll tell you all about my bus-rider experience on Tuesday.

I know you can't wait.


They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well when my annoying little brother "flattered" me, all I remember is sincerely desiring to lock him in his room.

Parents usually say stuff like this to keep the peace between siblings, at least for another 5 minutes. I wonder if they believe it?

'Cause my roommate is imitating me and I am definately NOT feeling flattered. Shortly after she moved in, I bought a bottle of rum. Her whiskey showed up soon after. Not a big deal. she may not have known alcohol was ok to have in the house.

But now, after a few months of watching her habits I recognize some changes. I buy apples and cantelope, she buys apples and cantelope. I start going to the farmers market, she goes to the farmers market. I get low-fat Cool Whip...the next week there's low-fat Cool Whip on her shelf. I hang up some of my laundry to line dry, low-and-behold, she start line drying. (after commenting to me that she just throws everything in the dryer.)

Lots of little things centered mostly around my buying habits. Weird....

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I just checked my business page for it's Google ranking. It scored a disapointing, though not entirely unexpected, 2 out of 10.

My blog, on the other hand, scored 3 out of 10.

Medical Mystery

I cough in my sleep. sometime enough to wake myself up. This is very annoying.

My former husband used to tell me I was coughing in my sleep. Actually what he mentioned was my annoying habit of sleep-coughing directly into his face. Probably not my most endearing trait.

This coughing thing has been getting much more annoying as I now force feed myself throat lozenges and cough drops throughout the night and wake up with a thick scum coating my entire mouth. Probably a good thing I'm not greating another human with a wake up kiss at this point.

So awhile back I figured maybe the sub-zero temperature I like to have in the bedroom prior to sleeping was contributing to the coughing. So I *increased* the air conditioner's temp set. This worked for a few nights. I tried increasing again without too much luck.

So in my sleep induced haze, hacking my head off, I figured I'd turn over. It worked! I quit coughing!

So now I'm trying to turn over onto my right side when I feel that annoying tickle. Problem is I like sleeping on my left side. So now instead of waking up because I'm coughing, I wake up because I'm uncomfortable.

So here's the big question -*Why* does turing over squelch the coughing mechanism?

I eagerly await your well-thought-out and scientifically based opinions.

Saturday, September 03, 2005


So Thursday I go to the pool with one of my young friends. It's about 5:30pm. I think it's about 85 degrees outside. And I'm worried the pool will be too cold...

This is just not right. When we arrived last year - we were both jonesing for the pool before it even opened! And 85 degrees was sweltering!

So we got to the pool...and jumped in...and OMG it was freezing!

I think I may be done with the unheated, outdoor pool thing for the summer. And it's not even Labor Day yet!

I'm becoming such a wimp.