Sunday, February 15, 2009

Like I never was

My fabulous friends Jennie and Lisa hosted an 80's themed murder mystery party. I was "Lindy Lauper"...

I present the girl I never was in the '80's (but maybe should have tried!)

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Absorbing Pain

So AJ had her braces adjusted today. Well, for the first time, she's also feeling the wire poke at the back of her cheeks a bit. The orthodontist office gave us two care kits that included wax for just such an occasion when the braces were first put on. Needless to say, AJ can't find the kits or the wax.

I'm giving the dog an emergency bath (don't know what she got into but it reeked!), I come out of the bathroom hoping my child is ready for bed. Instead she looks me in the eye and says -

"You know mom, I couldn't find the wax stuff. So I was thinking about what I could put on there. And I was thinking - you know how tampons are cotton and stuff? So I cut one in half and put it up there... It was bleechh!"

OMG - you have no idea how hard it was to keep a straight face and praise her for trying to find a solution to her problem.