Thursday, April 07, 2005

In Trouble

Ashamed to say I received my first every employment discipline write up today. For being tardy. And my boss said it could effect my continued employment here. Said he couldn't understand why I couldn't be on time - I set my own hours after all.

Me - I don't know why I can't be on time. Laziness? Bad habits? Meds? I have a lot of problems in the morning with waking up and for a long time I know my medication has been a significant factor. I've weaned myself down to really low doses so is that still a factor?

I haven't had anxiety/depression problems in a really long time. I guess the potential is still there. Do I claim ADA reasonable accomodation as a way to explain/get off the hook? Given my history I could ask for a reasonable accomodationas a flex start time but should I really? Is this what I need or do I just need to be more disciplined? Should I tell my boss what's really going on e.g. give a brief sketch of my mental health background? Just keep it all under wraps and work to make it to work on time?

Any ideas and suggestions are appreciated. What I've tried: trying to stick close to the same time schedule on the weekends, setting my house clocks/watch forward by 5ish minutes, moving my alarm clock, setting the alarm earlier, berating myself for being late, skipping shower/breakfast/etc to get out the door...

Guess I don't get to ask for all my great requests at my 90 day review...


K said...

Well I've definatly had this problem before. Some things that come to mind is get as much of your "getting ready" stuff done before you go to bed (shower, clothes laid out, bag ready and waiting at the door with your keys), so you have as little as possible to do in the morning. Then go to bed REALLY early. Read until you pass out.

Then other things are have your mom call and wake you up - beg her to stay on the phone with you until you are out of bed.

Or if you have your computer in your room ask anyone that is up at that time to IM you. Yahoo's Buzzer is loud and works great.

Set every alarm you can find in the house - the more the better. My cell phone has the best alarm.

And the to best I can think of is to pray about it, then get yourself all worked up about the possiblity of being fired just before you go to sleep. When I get myself all freaked out about waking up on time for some important can't miss event I wake up several times in the night even though I am a log any other time. Then I usallly wake up atleast a few times before the alarm goes off.

As far as telling your boss about your struggles.... I'm not sure I would. Employers need dependable employee's. If they let you slide because of your struggles that means they have to let everyone else. And they might take it as an excuse. But you know your boss(s) personality and I don't.

Good luck, let me know if I can help & I'll pray for you.

Klondike Kate said...

Thanks for the thoughts Bossco. I do prep all my stuff the night before. I am mortified by the idea of having my dad call me in the morning - but maybe that mean's it would work. My mom sleeps later than me.

A second alarm... that could work.

I've reset my computer schedules to reflect that I'm supposed to be at work at 8:45am. Maybe that will help.