Thursday, November 15, 2007


AJ and I just returned from a most amazing week. I had a work conference for 1.5 days in Orlando, FL so we turned it into a week long vacation (vacation at a lower price - yeah!). What an amazing opportunity we had. We did Sea World, WDW - Magic Kingdom, Busch Gardens and Discovery Cove. All were amazing. We did a lot of animal focused things since that is AJ's current passion.

I definitely needed a break after we returned - we were busy from sun-up to sun-down! By day 3 my feet were killing me. My favorite place was Discovery Cove. I found a really great deal online that allowed us to both spend a day in this resort like place and swim with tropical fish, sting rays, and oh yes - dolphins. I hitched a ride to the beach with a dolphin. Is that not the coolest thing ever?!?!?! AJ LOVED the stingray pool. I kept teasing her she was going to turn into a sting ray.

here's a bunch of photos...