Friday, March 17, 2006

Out of Season

I talked with the vet the other day to give a Seby update. He is doing much better. We've now had two nights in a row with no screaming fits! yeah! And he's trying to jump more which is great because he feels better but bad because he's still supposed to stay quiet for another week.

Anyway, the pain meds seem to have messed with his gut a bit and poor puppy is suffering from constipation. So what does the vet recommend to unplug a puppy? Canned pumpkin!

I think that's funny and I love that it's a natural remedy.

So after a long day, I go to Fred Meyer's at 9pm to find March (as opposed to November when it's handily located on the end of the aisle!). I look in the canned fruit... no luck. Baking aisle? No such luck.

I track down two young guys stocking the Mexican aisle. I'm not very hopeful they'll be able to help but...

"Can you tell me where to find canned pumpkin?"

With absolutely no hesitation he replies, "Aisle 7, left side, below the Jell-O".

Dude! That's knowing your job! I was completely impressed.


Heidi said...

After the baking aisle and the canned fruit, i would have headed to the canned veggie area, not the jello? I can never find anything in Freddy's.

Anonymous said...

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