Thursday, March 02, 2006

Business Slogan

So I'm a Professional Organizer. One thing that I've noticed is that people do not get what I do. They seem to think I come and give advise or make a plan.

What I actually do is the work. Have piles of papers in your office? I'll come create a filing system and file all those papers leaving you with a clean and organized office. Stuff falling out of the closet everytime you open the door? I'll come sort through all your stuff and replace what belongs in the closet in an organized manner. I'll even take the stuff you don't want to Goodwill!

Ever see Mission:Organization or Clean Sweep? I do that. (Just not in 30 minutes and with a crew of 50 helpers).

So in my part of the country, people seem to have no idea that there is someone out there who will clean and organize their mess. So I have to educate on what I do in addition to selling myself as the best person to do it.

So I think I need a new slogan/introduction that more clearly educates and intrigues the public. I used to use "I help get homes and businesses organized." or some such variation. Here's some new options:

1. I do the work!
2. I do the work of getting people, homes and businesses organized.
3. I de-clutter and organize all the spaces of your home.

Any of these help clarrify what I do? Intrigue you enough to ask me more questions? Make you want to hire me?

Vote now! Your opinions are appreciated!


K said...

I like number 1.

Anonymous said...

1. Keep it simple and too the point.


Anonymous said...

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