Monday, July 04, 2005

The real story

I'm so pissed off! Remember the note my roommate left me? Well, of all the things I thought it could have been, the real subject was no where close.

She accused me of stealing her stuff. Me! Stealing!

And the stuff I've supposedly thefted? Papers, an old hammer, an old pair of pliers and an tomato box full of stuff. What papers you may ask? Receipts for rent. From me. I stole the receipts I wrote while she was renting from me.

Arrest me now.


K said...

So now what? Think she'll move out or just steal some of your stuff? What an odd person, if you were gonna steal something wouldn't it be way better than that stuff? haha just teasing, I KNOW you would never steal anything. Maybe offer to re-write duplicate reciepts for her?

Knottyboy said...

OFF WITH HER HEAD. I know a nice little spot in Wyoming where you can store it :)
Hope it works out in the end for the better.

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