Monday, May 21, 2007

Too Soon!

So this morning AV and I are sharing the bathroom counter as we do every morning when she decides to "draw" a line down the middle. Teasing her, I step over the "line" into her "space" and she bursts into real, sobbing tears.

She's crying on a Monday morning, in the bathroom because she has no room to do her hair.

I have one word for you people...


(and may I remind you this is my 9 year old, third grade daughter!)


jeanette said...

This seems to be happpening more earlier than it use to in a lot of girls. Hang in there the worst is yet to come.

TLP said...

Ooops! Teasing just doesn't work with a lot of kids. Most kids are very literal.

Anonymous said...

We have been keeping busy. Hope you and AV have a great weekend!