Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How To

How to remove mothball odor from vellux blankets:

1. Wash in hot water with double soap and Clorox II.
2. Repeat.
3. Dry with Bounce sheet.
4. Test smell the blanket. Gag.
5. Double bag the blankets in black garbage bags and toss onto patio.
6. Ignore the bags for a week.
7. Add activated charcoal and a Bounce sheet to the bags.
8. Ignore the bags through wind, rain and storm for a few more weeks.
9. Kick your roommate out.
10. Test smell the blankets. Gag.
11. Air out the blankets on the patio fence and improvised clothes line for two days.
12. Wash in double soap, double Clorox II, 1 cup of vinegar and 1/2 cup baking soda. Let soak for at least two hours.
13. TSTB. G.
14. Fill the washer again increasing the vinegar and baking soda. Let soak overnight.
15. Wash as normal.
16. TSTB. Possible improvement.
17. Dry with two sheets of Bounce.
18. TSTB. Wrinkle nose quizically at the faint mothball-strong Bounce odor.
19. Air out the blankets for another couple days.
20. TBD (will report later)