Thursday, February 09, 2006

Chemical Trail

Has anyone out there ever actually used up a 4lb box of baking soda? Did you even know you could buy that big of a box of baking soda?

Well, it seems as if I have finally conquered the evil moth ball odor - 4lbs of baking soda and 1gal of white vinegar later! Fortunately, baking soda and white vinegar are very cheap. (or it would have been cheaper to buy new blankets JD!)

The blankets passed a sniff test by my 10 and 9 year old friends who I trust not to hold back their true feelings on the subject. They were the ones who told me my house smelled "weird" when I first brought the blankets in.

I have failed to remove the oder from the waterproof mattress pad though. That thing still stinks to high heaven. I'll leave it to air out for another week and maybe it'll be better. If not, I'm returning it to my mom (who gave me all this stuff for free in the first place.)


Heidi said...

Good Ol' baking soda...

Anonymous said...

Actually I have used a 4lb box of baking soda and no I wasn't using it for cooking purposes. The stuff is so cleap and does so many things!! I think it would have been cheaper to buy new blankets, but look what we all would have missed.

Anonymous said...

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