Sunday, February 12, 2006

Free Autograph to all Critics

Here's my (almost) final draft of the organizing article. All that remains is honest feedback from my closest web buddies!

Getting Organized

How do you get organized? First do a bit of mental organizing to get yourself ready. Pick a specific area to start organizing. Organizing the whole house is too overwhelming. Instead focus on one shelf or closet or room.

Next, picture the area in your mind and then picture the area as you want it to be – organized and clutter free. Lock that finished picture in your mind and draw your inspiration from it!

There’s no magic to choosing where you start. Pick a smaller, easier job to build your confidence and keep focused on that one job until you’re finished. Then move on to the next area.

Sort items into similar categories – similar sized clothing, hardware, computer accessories, etc. As you sort through your items ask yourself if you really need to keep it. Do you like that picture frame from your aunt? Do you love how you look in that dress? Do you really need 25 empty milk jugs?

Items that you don’t need to keep can be trashed, boxed and saved for a yard sale, or donated to charity. There are many organizations that appreciate quality used items but go ahead and sort out the broken, stained, ripped and torn items and donate the best.

Choose where each category of items are to be stored. All holiday items in the garage? All the light bulbs in the pantry? All the books in the bookshelf? As you sort through each area, keep Like with Like and store similar items all in one place.

Often items need some sort of container to keep them together. A small jar for thumbtacks. An under bed rolling storage unit for wrapping paper and supplies. A basket for electronic remotes. Hooks for purses, coats and backpacks. There are lots of fun options available to containerize every area of your home.

Remember your mental picture? How did you do? Follow these steps for each area of your home to enjoy the peace and comfort of living in your own organized space.


JD Plumma said...

Interesting read - with a few good tips at "containerizing". How about - are you aware of how many CARRS plastic grocery sacks fit into a paper towel tube (and dispense well)? My blog window of Klondike Kate has little symbols here and ther in the post? Seems a trade mark..?

Klondike Kate said...

Thanks JD. Didn't know about the paper towel tube trick...Nice one. I always use a plastic milk jug with a hole cut in the side. The stupid symbol thingy is a font glitch...

Heidi said... whats next? I we have been finding small area's and working through them, but NO one wants to throw anything away. What now???

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