Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tech literate

My mother bought a computer.

That my mom bought an expensive computer is not a shock. That she bought a computer is a complete shock.

My mom has alway avoided technology. When she got her DVR it took me 20 minutes in person and several follow up calls to explain using the remote. She does not shop online, do email, write letters or otherwise use computers.

Mom is a talented bookkeeper and she actually knows her stuff since she's always done the books on paper. She got a new job as a bookkeeper at a doctor's office and they use QuickBooks. She's learning and is now enrolled in an on-line class.

So, since she has an online class she goes out a buys a super-douper laptop and spends a ton of money.

I think I'm really blogging about this because Mom buying an expensive computer she can't afford because she "deserves" it and "needs" it has brought some of my own patterns of spending into sharp relief.

Remember my motto for the new year? Every thing counts. Every dollar I spend has to be paid. And I realize I've had a deficit spending mentality demonstrated for me. That somehow if I "need" or "deserve" something it doesn't count. Well that's certaintly not true! =-) No excuses or blame - just some self-discovery so I can correct my bad habits.

And only under-spending can correct over-spending. Very painful.