Tuesday, January 03, 2006

The Roommate

(Left on the message board at home)

I had to be to work at noon. I last let the dogs out at 11:30am. They all had a BM. See you around 5:30.

My Commentary

I had to be to work at noon. (ok - nice to know but not necessary. Ever since she said I was like a daughter we've been working on the I'm-not-responsible-to-report-to-you and You're-not-responsible-to-report-to-me thing.)

I last let the dogs out at 11:30am. (Sort of a given but ok)

They all had a BM. (Why? Why do I need to know this? I do not keep a diary of my dog's pooping schedule so why would it be so important to tell me this??)

See you around 5:30. (This is good to know. But also proves my point. The most the dogs would have been kenneled is 5.5 hours. That's it. I did not need to know about the potty time. I always let them out when I get home just like she always lets them out when she gets home.)

The Bitchy Version

Kate - got called in to my *)$# job. Dogs all took a good shit before I left. I'll be home after the casino run (if I feel like it). Hugs and kisses, The Roommate


Tan Lucy Pez said...

Well, some folks have to share everything.

Anonymous said...

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