Monday, January 30, 2006


I met a new acquaintance this weekend - possibly a new friend.

After 15 minutes we found we had the following in common:

Both into kids (she's adopted two from Brazil which is a place I always wanted to adopt from)
Both work in HR
Both moved to the area about 18 months ago
Both divorced from gay ex-husbands

I thought that was a lot of major points in common.


Anonymous said...

So have you spent more time with your "new acquaintace." I was hoping you had made a new friend.


Misti said...

Hey girl, how goes life? Thanks for the email a while back, I am terrible at returning them :( But where are you located here in the state. I am smack downtown in Seattle but maybe sometime we could get together!
Visit my site sometime! :)

Klondike Kate said...

I emailed her once but haven't received a reply yet... I'll try phoning later this week. We'll have to see...