Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Medical Mystery

I cough in my sleep. sometime enough to wake myself up. This is very annoying.

My former husband used to tell me I was coughing in my sleep. Actually what he mentioned was my annoying habit of sleep-coughing directly into his face. Probably not my most endearing trait.

This coughing thing has been getting much more annoying as I now force feed myself throat lozenges and cough drops throughout the night and wake up with a thick scum coating my entire mouth. Probably a good thing I'm not greating another human with a wake up kiss at this point.

So awhile back I figured maybe the sub-zero temperature I like to have in the bedroom prior to sleeping was contributing to the coughing. So I *increased* the air conditioner's temp set. This worked for a few nights. I tried increasing again without too much luck.

So in my sleep induced haze, hacking my head off, I figured I'd turn over. It worked! I quit coughing!

So now I'm trying to turn over onto my right side when I feel that annoying tickle. Problem is I like sleeping on my left side. So now instead of waking up because I'm coughing, I wake up because I'm uncomfortable.

So here's the big question -*Why* does turing over squelch the coughing mechanism?

I eagerly await your well-thought-out and scientifically based opinions.


K said...

Have no guess as to why, but you should go see a doc to be sure everthing is ok. What if you choke in the middle of the night??

Klondike Kate said...

Thanks for the concern Bossco. I'm sure I won't choke - I'm too busy hacking up a lung! As far as a doctor goes...(cue lament of the uninsured)

Knottyboy said...

I think your soft pallate and epiglotis are relaxed and rub in your throat when you sleep. Eventually they get dry causing a tickle and the cough. Just a thought. You roll over and expose and different side but also swallow which makes them feel better. Who knows really just a guess on my part.

Klondike Kate said...

very scientific knotty! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

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