Saturday, June 04, 2005

Sick puppies

Yesterday I was thinking of amusing ways to blog about the morning. Seby's barking at 4am - which I ignored. His barking at 5am which I finally acknowledged. There had to be a funny post in there about still waking at 5am on a day I didn't need to be up until 7:15am.

Except the bark at 5am was an urgent call to go outside. As evidenced by the multiple spots of diarrhea on my bedroom floor. So take the puppy out, clean the puppy up, quick puppy clip to reduce hair in the "poop shoot", gagging and spot cleaning the floor, sleeping on the couch for the rest of the night.

Still thinking about a potentially funny post until I came home about 5pm. To more diarrhea except this time there were bloody patches and Glory had contributed. Calls to the vet, dogs outside, clean the floor, put the rugs in the washer, bathe the dogs (*really* needed it), take Seby to the ER vet.

Two hour vet appointment. The vet found nothing wrong on physical exam (poor puppy had to have a rectal). But he was dehydrated and a fecal culture revealed a bacteria overgrowth. The vet said the culture sample was just mucus, blood and bacteria. Gross and very sad. Poor Seby! So sub-cutaneous fluid (insert a big bolus of fluid under the skin absorbed over the next few hours; like an IV), antibiotics and a "good bacteria" paste. Don't know source of the infection/overgrowth which is a bit worrisome.

Came home and washed all their food and water dishes really well. Decided on a game plan with my roommate - no doggie treats or any other types of food other than their kibble. Hopefully she'll even switch her dog to they type of food Glory and Seby eat so my two sneaky pups won't be able to get other types of dog food.

So watched them both last night and today (while shampooing all the carpets - twice). Both seem to be better though Glory's still having some diarrhea. Seby showed a bit of energy tonight when I gave him a new toy but they're both still pretty subdued.

Here's hoping tomorrow is better.


Doug said...

Tomorrow seems a good bet for better. I wish it for you and your dogs.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a better day!! Love Jenn

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