Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Puppies all better

So everything seems to be coming out normally among the canine family members. Yeah! Seby still has a few more days of antibiotics but seems like we're through the worst of it.

Remember that my roommate and I had talked and agreed on the strict diet for the dogs? Well last night she let Seby into her room. Then a few minutes later she peeks her head into her room and starts sweetly, nicely, gently calling Seby.

I bolt off the couch. "Is Seby eating in your room?!?" "Yes, I think he has something." (Me calling very sternly and not sweetly) "Seby, come!" Seby trots out with his tail between his legs and a doggie treat of some sort in his mouth. I take away the treat while swearing under my breath.

I swear - I'm going to give my blasted roommate my $200 vet bill and make her pay it!!

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