Thursday, June 16, 2005


The boxes were driving me nuts. It doesn't matter that her brother just died and she inheirited all his crap. The fact is more stuff keeps piling into the "storage" room and I no longer have room to think. Remember the grand plan? Well, it's no longer working.

So we flip flopped her room and the study. She gets a big bedroom with lots of storage space and I get a study that I can actually enjoy working in.

So we started moving stuff Monday evening and she got all her stuff moved in Tuesday (her day off). Mom came over last night to help me arrange my new domain. Now I get to go through boxes and figure out how to store my stuff out-of-sight. That'll take until the weekend...

All this to say I've come to realize I'm completely internet dependent. Two days of being unplugged has sent me panting to my work computer to get my fix.