Friday, March 18, 2005

Very Good Day

A very nice day, as birthdays go. I received a call from my brother and his wife. Great to talk with them even if they were just getting out of the ER. My niece Rori has a bad virus. She's doing better.

Mom and dad cooked up a great dinner of grilled beef fillet, baked potato, salad and devil's food cake. Very yummy. And it was nice to spend the evening with them.

I got the best present! You've seen those globes where each country is a different semi-precious stone and the oceans are deep azure? She gave me one! Yippee! I've wanted one for ages. I mentioned it once to her and she remembered - that felt awesome!

And I bought myself two new pigs for my collection. I collect piggy banks - and this is very specific. It must be a piggy bank (no general pig statues), it must be shaped like a pig (bunny rabbit piggy banks don't count, and it must be ceramic (no plastic piggy banks). And the bonus is if it is hand painted. Those are the best! So I found four in a great little gift shop and limited myself to two (for today at least!)

Then I curled up on the couch and watched a movie.

A very good day.

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