Saturday, April 12, 2008

Adoption Update

We met with our adoption worker Erin this week. I have a bunch of paperwork today but she's met AJ and I've done my fingerprint check so we're on our way!

When I became a foster parent I had to be fingerprinted and checked. Now that I'm adopting a child out of foster care, I have to get fingerprinted and checked again! That doesn't make any sense to me!

On other news... I got my cell phone bill and was surprised to see $140 in charges I never made. All the charges were on the day my phone was stolen. I'm on the phone right now with my service provider...they better remove these fraudulent charges!


j, d plumma said...

That must be a federal system - the fingerprinting. I had 2 federal background checks, a couple of years ago, to work in the federal courthouse and at FAA tower. They don't share their files, so two checks were "necessary". I was (still am) allowed in the federal courthouse with a photo badge, but not allowed at FAA tower due to DWI in the past - over 15 years ago. It must be a slow process to adopt with the paperwork, and all. AJ is probably tired of the meetings, too.

Anonymous said...

Chris just got fingerprinted again. He has had it done so many times. J