Thursday, March 27, 2008

Adoptive Mom to Be!

Well, it's finally happening!

The adoption worker from the state talked with me today. We set up our first meeting for Monday!!!

Things should move pretty fast from this point so I'm still hoping to have the adoption finalized by the beginning of summer. At this meeting the adoptions worker will give me AJ's file as a disclosure to the pre-adoptive parent. We'll go over the adoption support stuff. She'll direct me to go get FBI finger printed. I'll find out if I need a new home study. All sorts of stuff.


This is really good news since AJ had a really bad visit with her birth mom yesterday. Her mom hasn't seen AJ in 6 months and she comes to the visit drunk. Amazing. On the one hand I'm calloused and angered by the birth mom's actions. On the other hand, I realize what a powerful hold alcohol has on this woman's life.

AJ was understandably quite upset by the visit though she was very happy to see her mom and they did share a few laughs together.

The next visit is not until September and will be under the open adoption agreement. Which means that I'll be the supervisor. And if birth mama comes drunk, this mama's going to go into serious mama-bear mode to protect my child!


Anonymous said...

That's great about the adoption! Aren't these supervised visits? Why would they allow the Mom to visit AJ if she was drunk? I would think that would be a condition of her being able to visit.

Heidi said...


Klondike Kate said...

Doesn't make sense does it Jenn? The social worker told me awhile back that the state mandates the social workers allow the visits even if the parent is high or drunk. The only way they can terminate the visit is if the parent is threatening or somehow creating a danger to the child. Bizarre!

Thanks Heidi!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! It was good things are going well. The visit must be hard on the both of you, but hopefully soon as a parent you will have move control and ability to protect AV. So how are you doing after the break in. Jenn

Jan said...

This is great news! Glad to see you updating your blog!