Thursday, January 10, 2008


Thank you all for your sweet comments and concerns. Last night it all started to hit me. I've been feeling pretty anxious today (NOT a good feeling if you know my mental history). Starting to do better tonight.

Very frustrated with trying to decide what kind of car to get. When we bought the passport, interest rates were very low and I've only been paying a bit over $200 a month. Well, I don't want to finance for another 60 months so trying to find a really good SUV, low miles, relatively new for $15k is a challenge. I just hate to shop!

The soreness is starting to fade (the two glasses of wine last night helped!) I'm having headaches so I think I need a couple chiro adjustments.

Thank you Kiana for the consumer report option -I'll probably take you up on it when I decide what I'm going to do! Unfortunately I probably won't get much for my car. It's a 98 and was only worth about $3,000. So I'll probably get enough to pay off the loan and put a bit down on my next car but thats about it.

And get this - my insurance company is paying to have my car towed 150 miles away to their "consolidated" adjustment garage. I don't understand that at all! How is it cost effective to tow vehicles from one major metro area to another? Anyway, I might hear from them tomorrow on my settlement but it will more likely be Mon/Tue.

I'm trying to get excited about a new car but at this point I'm just really bummed I've been set back 2-3 years on my get-debt-free plan!

Thanks for all the love!


Anonymous said...

Glad you are feeling better. J

j, d plumma said...

i think you'll be just fine when you find the right vehicle and set your butt in the control seat. the debt is American as it gets, but sucks, yeah?
good luck in finding patience with car salesmen. don't be afraid to tell them "NO - unless the price is dropped!". YOU will feed their family, and they WILL bend to get your credited money.