Wednesday, April 25, 2007


I just walked into AV's bedroom to check in on her. She's lying in bed reciting Tae Kwon Do moves - already working on her next belt level! =-)

It's so great to see her self-motivated to achive in something.

You know, she really is an amazing kid. She tries so hard to please and she really wants to get things right.

She asked about when her next parent visit will be. I choked a bit since I know what tomorrow's discussion topic will be even though she doesn't. Turns out she had a dream about going home, being safe and getting puppies. But then the dream changed into a nightmare as she mother got drunk and started hitting her and she couldn't get away.

So AV was understandably upset and worried that she's never go home. So we talked about the truth, that she won't be ever going home. How hard it is for her to realize it's her parent's choice not to follow the rules so she can go home... And in this conversation she keeps talking about how she's afraid she'll never see them again... And now I'm worried she's overheard something or suspects something or intuits something...

Ack! Telling her is going to be the worst!


Anonymous said...

You and AV are in my thoughts and prayers today.

jeanette said...

Our prayers are always with you, trust in the Lord - He knows what is best.

TLP said...

I'm thinking so very hard for you and AV!

You are one strong, strong lady. I cannot imagine what you are going through, and what you will be going through soon. Not to mention what poor AV is going to be feeling.