Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Avatar Traffic Jam

I recently received this email after a talk I gave at a local church ladies meeting. I don't think I've ever seen so many smileys....

Hi , Hi

Thank you for such an inspiring and encouraging teaching on organizing our lives. Shelby said so many ladies said they enjoyed it and were glad they came. Awesome You were wonderful. Hope you get some business from these Jump For Joy hyped-up ladies. You got them thinking and picturing their ideas, now they just have to take some Action action. As soon as I can, I'll make an apointment Reminder for you to help me get my House house in order, THEN my garage. I know you answered my Answer The Question question before your session, but thought someonelse would like to know since "I" would clean out the garage, then stash all my Trashcan "junque". I know! I know! Keep, toss, donate, whatever box to stop the Popcorn popcorn antics. Thanks Again you made it fun to understand how this helps us in our life.. Ain't Life Grand
Cinnamon T

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