Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Yesterday I arrived at my organization clients house. She's not there. I call. She's running late. So I kick back in the car. It's a beautiful day, I roll down the windows, feel the breeze on my face, close my eyes and listen to my book-on-CD.

As a result of the moment of relaxation, I drove to work today with at least 100 passengers. See, I left my windows down when my client pulled up. And the client has sheep...and a horse... and a turkey... and a dog... and rabbits...

And when I left the appointment to go home, the flies were so thick on the inside roof of my car, I thought my tan roof had turned black.

Frantic waving of the arms and driving home with all the windows down has reduced the population by about half... I think... they could be breeding.

So any thoughts on getting rid of the other half? I'm strongly tempted to go get some bug-killer-spray on the way home and bomb my car.

The one fly that actually found it's way inside my instrument panel is actually kind of cute rushing around my speedometer trying to find a way out.


K said...

Inside the dash?? Ha ha, thats hilarious. My recommendation is to roll all the windows down and take a ride on the freeway, then use the spray for the leftovers. That will probably spare you from cleaning up as many dead bugs.

Klondike Kate said...

I have a very windblown look today. The freeway reduced the population by half. I drove to another town today and kept rolling down my window to rid myself of the remaining flies one-by-one.

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