Saturday, October 01, 2005

Informed Opinion

So I'm cooking breakfast on a slow Saturday morning and my roommate comes in to inform me of her opinion.

"Did you hear about that crazy American who spent 20 million to... to... to..."
"Go into space?"
"Yes. Isn't that just stupid?"
"It's the adventure of a lifetime."

(So at this point I'm thinking maybe she's appalled by the about of money spent - thinks it should have been used for the poor, fund a small country, etc. Instead I hear...)

"If the good Lord had wanted us to go into space He would have put us there."

I was floored. I couldn't even come up with one of my normal, casual, non-committal replies. So landing on the moon, the space station, probes to Mars are all somehow violations of God's will?!?!?

"If the good Lord had wanted us to go into space He would have put us there." This is the same logic used by conservative fathers to say "If the good Lord had wanted you to wear earrings He would have put the holes in your head."


Tan Lucy Pez said...

So she must be wearing earrings, 'cause she definitely has holes in her head.

Shana said...

ummmm...welll...duhhh....WE live in our planet not part of the rest of the solar the air around us not part of the vast depth we view as space....????? holes in her head I"ll say....

Klondike Kate said...

Ya know, I'm thinking I'll keep her around as a roommate so I'll be able to keep writing blog posts! =-)

Shana said...

if nothing else life will be amusing

Anonymous said...

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