Monday, August 29, 2005

Jill Neal's Wild (but tasteful) Women

I first saw Jill Neal's work at the Arts Fair last year. I fell in love with the wonderful women she depicted. I loved them for their size, their enthusiasm, their humor.

I didn't purchase any at the time but I went back this year and she had a booth again. I bought 8 different small prints. Someday I'll have enough dough to get them all framed.

Check out her site. You'll love it! (Not all the pieces I chose are on the site but a few are. I'll let you guess which ones!)

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FishTaxi said...

What reckless abandonment! I like her. A lot.

Look at yard sales for frames. Take the crappy picture out and put yours in. Thats what I do.

Klondike Kate said...

Thanks kkat. I've looked at a few garage sales but either I'm going to the wrong ones or everyone else has the same idea 'cause I haven't found any yet! I'll keep looking. Glad you liked the art - I like your phrase "reckless abandonment". Very appropriate.

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