Monday, August 22, 2005

Follow Up

I didn't realize how upset I was by all this until I tossed and turned all night, forgot about one morning appointment which made me late for the second appointment. This seems to have really gotten to me.

So for the rest of the story... When T (the child) first came to me we were able to sit down and talk. I think I said alot of the right things. We made a plan if he ever came back (inside = run to her room, hide and call the police; outside=come to my house and we call the police together). We talked about how she was not big enough to deal with him - she wouldn't be safe. Made her promise to never let a man do that to her even if she loves him with all her heart and to the tips of her toes. Talked about not keeping this secret (she was embarrassed her friend knew) - this is not a good secret to keep - telling others means there's more people to help and keep her safe.

At that time her mom was not going to go to the police. We talked about how her mom probably felt embarrassed but if this ever happened to T she needed to tell the police. Later in the evening I talked with her mom and mom had just returned from the police station. Yeah!

So T was feeling better and asked to go get friends and play a game. She came back with another kid friend, B. Unfortunately B was with T and they both walked in on T's mom after the attack. This was really new to B. I had her call her mother then I talked to B's mother. Then we three sat down to a game.

It was a strange game as the conversation alternated between game talk and "her shirt was all bloody" and "I just want to punch him back".

T's mom had called her brother over so T's cousin joined the game shortly thereafter. My roommate came home. I gave her a short update and the girls asked the roommate to join the game so we went to a five person game.

T's aunt popped her head in and asked if I would watch the girls while they went back to the house to get overnight stuff. T's mom had asked her brother and family to stay the night for safety and comfort. So all five (T, B, the cousin, the roommate and me!) of us sat down to dinner.

T's mom and family were gone quite awhile - turns out they aunt/uncle had talked the mom into filing a report. When T's mom came to the door to pick up the girls she told me she had gone to the police. I had no problem with watching them so she could do that!

So that's the story so far. T was doing much better when she went home. I feel so privledged that I was a safe person she could come to in a time of crisis. How precious is that?!

So now I get to try and concentrate here at work. I do believe my morning break is over. =-)


K said...

You handled things great, glad to hear that family pulled together and handled things well too.

Anonymous said...

They are so lucky to have you!!!

Knottyboy said...

How damn cool are you? No really? God you're so strong and confident. So caring and loving. So protective and nurturing. I'm so proud of you honey. Not that that changes anything, just a perfect example of why I'm so glad you're in my life.

Klondike Kate said...

Thanks guys for the encouragement. I definately didn't feel strong at the time. Thanks for listening and the great comments.

Heidi said...

Those are some lucky kids.... there isn't enough people out there that have the strength to do what you did/ are doing.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Thank you for the follow up. I feel better. I was so upset over the story and I wasn't even there. I cannot imagine how terrible it was for you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being such a good friend to this child.

Klondike Kate said...

Thanks Heidi. I have a hard time imagining that others wouldn't jump in to shelter a child but I know...

TLP - Glad you came back and read the rest. I know I hate it when I'm left hanging. Your funny posts have made me laugh which is really good since crying has been my inclination!

Anonymous said...

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