Monday, May 16, 2005


Well that was embarrassing!

OK - So I'm at work going through my morning email. One email is my HR Strange but True regarding using the Whizzonator to foil drug screens (brought to public light by NFL running back Onterrio Smith). Since we do urine screens I thought I'd surf and find the site.

So I was looking at the, ummm, product, and in walks our IT guy to set up our new spam catcher. I scramble to hit my "desktop" button on my mouse and when I glance up he's talking but staring at the door jamb.

God, I hate how easily I blush! He probably thought I was surfing porno first thing in the morning. Gahhhhk!


Knottyboy said...

Porn is the proper way to start the work week. Like dangling a *ahem* "carrot" in front of the horse to get it to go.

Valette said...

If he is a true IT guy, he's probably seen it before. In which case, neither of you have reason to be embarassed: you could have joked about it, even.

Klondike Kate said...

Thanks for the grin knotty - not that I'd expect any less from you.

Valette - such a great thought - except I was already scrambling and he was looking away... If he had grinned, if I had had some presence of mind, perhaps the situation could have been salvaged. I did share the story with one co-worker this morning who thought it was hilarious!

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