Friday, August 01, 2008


My wonderful friend Jan took pictures today of the adoption festivities. Here're a few highlights!

The limo at our apartment this morning. Boy did we create a stir for the neighbors! The limo is done in a racing theme complete with model racing cars in display boxes on the bar, 4 TV screens, sattelite radio - it was deluxe!

AJ was sooo pleased and excited to be riding in a limo. She's talked about wanting a limo ride for the two years I've had her. I've always told her to wait for Sr. Prom or her wedding. Isn't God good to organize this for her/us!!

My parents, AJ and I before the adoption. The mother/daughter twin look was at AJ's request.

Grandma and Grandpa show their love and emotion as the adoption proceeds.

AJ and I and our wonderful Judge.

Friends and family after the adoption.

Friends at IHOP for breakfast. The fabulous lady sitting next to me was AJ's social worker for most of AJ's sojourn in foster care. Love her!

We show off our new Bible with our matching names imprinted!

AJ and Grandma show off their family connection rings.

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Looks like so much fun!