Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Perfect Day

Have you ever had just that perfect day at work? Where everything you've done for a year coalesces into a great shiny moment? When you know you've had an impact? When you bide your time and hold your tongue and just at the right moment make an observation that turns the entire tide of the conversation? When you get thousands of dollars in concessions when there were zero dollars on the table to begin with? When you just are riding high because what you said is now being echoed by the company owner and the company President?



Anonymous said...

You, my dear friend, are amazing - as always.

Your strength, integrity, intelligence, and common sense are a gift.

Congratulations, and wrap yourself in all that positive energy - it's well-deserved.

Love, Sue

Klondike Kate said...

Sue my friend!!! So good to hear from you! Email me! I'd love to catch up.

Thanks for the lovely comment!

klondike dot kate at excite dot com