Friday, November 17, 2006


I'm feeling rejected. I write a little column on organization for our local monthly entertainment newspaper. The newspaper was just bought by the weekly newspaper that's trying to provide an "alternative to the daily paper. Got that?

So, anyway, the new editor emailed everyone, threatened to not publish if articles were submitted electronically by the 16th of the month. Oh, and include all your contact info and an invoice because apparently the previous owners neglected little details like phone numbers and reimbursement rates.

Well, that wasn't too hard for moi since I do this for free in exchange for a business tag line at the end of the article. So I emailed in my submission electronically (I'm guessing all the other writers submitted their stories written on the back of diner napkins), only to receive this reply:

Thanks for the submission. Your piece has a nice holiday tie-in so we will be able to use it. However, we are trying to focus on entertainment related topic. Thus, future submissions should have some kind of entertainment tie-in.

Tell me what you think of this either by email reply or by calling.

So tell me dear readers, exactly how entertaining do you find organization?

Perhaps I could write an article along the lines of : "The local Nutcracker production was really great and the progam was organized very well."

Or maybe: "This weeks movie can't be enjoyed without a trip to the concession stand where you'll notice the great organization of the candy display."

Hmmm. So I'm thinkin' I'm out of a free gig. Darn!


K said...

Hmmm. That's not an easy request is it? Well I'm sure you'll call and ask them what they have in mind.

But something entertaining comes to mind related to organizing is making the articles humorous.

When I think of an old friends small children and they way their bedroom was kept, it's very entertaining. There room was ALWAYS atleast 3 inches deep in toys and junk. You couldn't even walk in or through there room with out bulldozing a path with your feet. Since this guy was single, Marty and I would go hang out and I would sneak off with the kids and clean their room for them. There some how always ended up being a full garbage bag of broken toys that went to the dump amongst other things. The sad thing was that the kids mom had just up and left all of them, dad had no idea how to teach his kids to clean up after themselves. That was the point I discovered to many toys results with none of them being appreciated or taken care of.

You may not specialize in garage organization but lets face it, the way Val organizes his shop is VERY Entertaining, haha. Maybe do some research and an article on that?

That's all I got, off the top of my head anyway. If you need more ideas, do a blog on it and poll your readers. It doesn't make you any less of a great organizer to draw from all your resources.

Hope i didn't go to far out into left field here.

Anonymous said...

So I guess the paper is for entertainment only. I guess some of it was to learn something.

Tan Lucy Pez said...

Well, any and every event, entertaining or otherwise, will go better if it is organized. Right?

This is a challenge for sure. But I believe you can still do some articles for this.